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Ticket help

Only use student/attendee information, not parent information on the Registration/Order Form.  

All online tickets through Ticket Tailor can only be purchased individually, one at a time, as they each have a unique QR code.

The button that states "purchase a ticket" is also the link to purchase a ticket. 
Click the blue ticket button on the Ticket Tailor page to purchase a ticket.

Please have ticket confirmations on smartphones open during check-in for faster entrance to the dance. We also suggest a high brightness for our scanners to quickly confirm your ticket :) (Or print ticket confirmations with the QR code found in your emails.)
If you are unsure if your payment went through or need help with anything regarding the process please email:

If an online ticket purchase is not completed due to a technical glitch or if you are not able to purchase an online ticket for any reason, door tickets might be available the night of the dance for paper cash depending on the amount of allotted tickets left from the online portion. We will update this page and our facebook group the closer we get to the date of the dance.

Email us at for any questions or inquiries or even if you need assistance regarding the ticket process!

(As this is a fundraiser, refunds will not be offered.)

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