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Dress Code

Young Men: 


ATTIRE: Buttoned-down dress shirts w/ties and slacks are required upon entrance to the dance. Jackets are not required. Hats such as fedoras and cowboy hats are allowed. Vests are allowed. No t-shirts shown (unless under the dress shirt); Jeans are allowed but must be dark and pressed. No light-colored jeans; no jeans with holes; and no scruffy jeans are allowed. No more than two buttons on the dress shirt can be unbuttoned at any single time. Sunglasses are not allowed. Kilts are not allowed.


SHOES: A selection of footwear is available to wear at the dance such as clean, no-scuffed cowboy boots, formal dress shoes, converse (or shoes similar), and Sperry boat shoes. Work or heavy-weighted boots are not allowed. All footwear must be closed-toed (no flip-flops or sandals) and accompanied with socks. Anything not listed here will not be acceptable to wear for the dance.

Young Ladies:


Dress length should not be any higher than 3" from the top of the kneecap. Please measure before purchasing.


May not be cut below the bust line. Cleavage should not show, and deep, plunging necklines are not allowed. 


The back of the dress must be above the bra line.


No slit-style dresses.


No midriff or torso skin may be showing.


Form-fitting dresses that are too tight will not be allowed. If fabric stretches or clings, it is too tight. There is a difference between form fitting and skin-tight, as with different body types, skin-tight dresses are not allowed. If the tightness of your dress causes the dress to ride-up shorter than the approved three inches then it will not be approved at all.



Formal Women's pantsuits are allowed! Please ensure they adhere to similar dress code guidelines.


A selection of footwear is available to wear at the dance such as lower-heeled shoes; dress sandals; heels; open or closed-toe ankle boots; clean, cowboy boots; converse (or shoes similar) or Doc Martens and Sperry boat shoes to dance the night away in. Shoes/footwear may be removed for further comfort throughout the night & be checked in @ the Coat/Shoe/Phone Check-In area.


Email if you need an outfit evaluation from the Dress Code Committee. Plan on sending a picture of your attire/outfit.

Please arrive in appropriate attire and please do not stress! We do not want to turn anyone away due to a Dress Code violation; however, we reserve the right to do so without offering a refund.

We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing any clothing/costume that we consider inappropriate or that detracts from the experience of other attendees. Those who do not adhere to these guidelines may be refused entry into, and/or removed from the Frontiers of Flight property, unless his or her attire/costume can be modified to meet Dress Code standards.

Medical Bags

Medical bags or medication can be checked into the Coat-Check area. There will be a reserved spot for those with EpiPens or other medical needs or medical items.

Required policy:

No items such as coats, shoes, purses, and more will be left unattended in the venue space. Unattended items will be confiscated if not checked into the Coat-Check area. There is no guarantee that an unattended item will be returned if not checked into the Coat-Check area, by the attendee. The venue has made this policy mandatory.

All bags must be clear/see through for entry.

Dress Code Crew at can help if you have any questions about your outfit.

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