Dress Code

Young Men: 

Buttoned down dress shirts w/ties and slacks are required upon entrance to the dance. Jackets are not required.  Ties may be removed later. Vests are allowed. No t-shirts (unless under the dress shirt); no tennis shoes. Work boots are not allowed. Kilts are not allowed.


Shoes: a selection of footwear is available to wear at the dance such as clean, no scuffed cowboy boots, formal dress shoes, converse (or shoes similar), and Sperry boat shoes. Anything not listed here will not be acceptable to wear for the dance.


Young Ladies:

Dress length should not be any higher than 3" to 4" from the middle of the front of the kneecap. Please use a measuring apparatus when you are shopping for a dress. The back of the dress must be above the bra line. All dresses will be checked to meet this dress guideline. Formal Women's jumpsuits are allowed as long as they adhere to the same dress code guidelines. We encourage you follow these guidelines so as to not impact your attendence to the dance.


Email nthshoco@gmail.com if you need evaluations on dresses, response time will be within the day. Response time will be very limited in the days leading up to the dance.


Please have more then one dress available if you think your potential dress will not pass


Strapless dresses are allowed. Remember to keep in mind that strapless dresses have a tendency to loosen up after time. What was acceptable when you entered, may no longer be appropriate after 2 hours of dancing. Please choose a dress that will stay in place all night.


Shoes: It is acceptable to wear a selection of shoes such as:

lower-heeled shoes, dress sandals, heels, open or closed toe ankle boots, cowboy boots, converse (or shoes similar), and Sperry boat shoes to dance the night away in. You may also remove your shoes/footwear for further comfort throughout the night as they can be checked into the Coat/Shoe/Phone Check in area.

The following is NOT ALLOWED:

 - Dress cut-outs on the front, sides or below the bra line, cleavage, plunging necklines (please use lace or material if you have a plunging neckline), visible midriff.

- Skin-tight, body con, “painted on” or any dress or attire that is form fitting will not be allowed



Please arrive in appropriate attire. We do not want to turn anyone away due to a Dress Code violation; however, we reserve the right to do so without offering a refund.

Theme: As the theme is "Back in the Saddle," suits and dresses with colors, western icons, old western patches (states, stars, etc) and ten-gallon hats are allowed!

If you think there might be a problem with your attire for the night, please bring a backup outfit. If you wish to send a picture of your photo to nthshoco@gmail.com for prescreening, we can precheck for you! We want everyone to enjoy the dance so we do not want to turn anyone away because of a dress code violation.



 Email nthshoco@gmail.com if you have any questions about your outfit. If you wish to wear something other then a dress or suit, please contact us to discuss it.