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Dress Code

Young Men: 


ATTIRE: Buttoned-down dress shirts w/ties and slacks are required upon entrance to the dance. Jackets are not required. Vests are allowed. No t-shirts shown (unless under the dress shirt); Jeans are allowed but must be dark and pressed. No more than two buttons on the dress shirt can be unbuttoned at any single time. Sunglasses are not allowed. Kilts are not allowed. 


SHOES: A selection of footwear is available to wear at the dance such as clean, no scuffed cowboy boots, formal dress shoes, converse (or shoes similar), and Sperry boat shoes. Tennis shoes are not allowed. Work or heavy weighted boots are not allowed. All footwear must be closed-toed (no flip-flops or sandals) and accompanied with socks. Anything not listed here will not be acceptable to wear for the dance. no tennis shoes.

Anything not listed does not meet the dress code or you will need to contact the dress code committee for approval by emailing


Young Ladies:



Dress length should not be any higher than 3" from the top of the knee. It is suggested to use a 3x5 index card as a guide when shopping to test the length of your dress. The 3" horizontal side of the index card should be placed at the top of your knee to make sure your dress is in compliance. Please measure before purchasing.


May not be cut below the bust line. Cleavage should not show, and deep, plunging necklines are not allowed, either. 



The back of the dress must be above the bra line. No skin should be showing that is 3” below the bottom of your shoulder blades (hold a 3x5 index card horizontally to test this length). Dresses with see-through fabric like lace or mesh that show your back below the 3” mark do not meet the dress code (otherwise they are fine if they are above the mark!)


No slits or hemlines 3” above the knee.


No midriff or torso skin may be showing. This applies to the front, lower back, sides, and waist of the dress.


Strapless dresses are allowed. Remember to keep in mind that strapless dresses have a tendency to loosen up after time. What was acceptable when you entered, may no longer be appropriate after a couple of hours of dancing. Please choose a dress that will stay in place all night.


Fitted dresses that are too tight will not be allowed. If fabric stretches or clings, it is too tight. This issue is tough to fix. Most thin-material, form-fitting dresses are not acceptable for Homecoming’s dress code.  One option might be to purchase a larger size to give more movement inside the dress instead of being super clingy. It is usually best to purchase a different dress.


Formal Women's jumpsuits are allowed! Please ensure they adhere to similar dress code guidelines regarding length, backs, necklines, slits, skin-tight, midriffs or strapless dresses.

Allowed as long as they are within the event dress code.


A selection of footwear is available to wear at the dance such as lower-heeled shoes; dress sandals; heels; open or closed-toe ankle boots; clean, not scuffed cowboy boots; clean converse (or shoes similar) or Doc Martens and Sperry boat shoes to dance the night away in. Shoes/footwear may be removed for further comfort throughout the night & be checked in @ the Coat/Shoe/Phone Check-In area.


Email if you need an outfit Evaluation from the NTX Dress Code Committee. Response time will be within 24 hours or less. You may send a picture of your attire/outfit. This service will not be available the week of the dance/ending Monday, October 3rd. We suggest getting your outfit together as soon as possible!


We have written fixes ready if anyone needs help with their dresses or suits or outfits, in general, to ensure they meet the dress code if they need help! Please email us at if you need any help with fixes or need suggestions!

Please arrive in appropriate attire and please do not stress! We do not want to turn anyone away due to a Dress Code violation; however, we reserve the right to do so without offering a refund.

New policy: 

All bags must be clear/see-through.

(For the safety of our attendees, we reserve the right to check non-see-through bags if you will not have a clear/see-through bag. Medical bags can be left with coat check in a reserved spot for those with EpiPens or if they have other medical needs.)


As the theme is "Dancing Through The Decades," attire with texture or colors matching the aesthetics of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and more are allowed! Neon pinks, groovy oranges, polka dots or roaring golds are all available amongst vintage fashion or era-themed attire that meets the dress code is encouraged. Be creative! :)

If you think there might be a problem with your attire for the night, please bring a backup outfit. You will not be allowed to enter the building this year if you have a dress code violation. We want everyone to enjoy the dance & to start your evening without being turned away due to a dress code violation.



 Email if you have any questions about your outfit. If you wish to wear something other than a dress or suit, please contact us to discuss it.



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