Frequently Asked Questions

(Please read Liability in its entirety as rules found in FAQ also apply)

Can I request a song?
Yes of course! Suggestions must be sent to

(Due to the size of the event, no song requests will be accepted at the dance.) 

Do I have to follow the Dress Code?
Yes! We ask that all attendees agree to a dress code. If a student does not follow the dress code, they will not gain entrance to the dance & no refund will be offered. 


Will there be food/drink?

Yes! There will be amazing and fun snack food. There will also be gluten-free choices. If you wish to eat dinner before the dance, there are many great dining choices in the Dallas area, close to the venue.


Do I have to wear formal/dress shoes?

Dress code and footwear is a must but many shoe options are available such as Converse, Sperry boat shoes and more! Check the dress code section for more info! 


Are there photographers?

Yes, professional and volunteer photographers take pictures of the dance that we'll upload to our either our Facebook group or an alternative site in the days to follow the dance. There is also a photo booth available.



Where do I find the pictures?

On our Facebook



Can I bring in a backpack or a big bag?

Not at this time! We reserve the right to search any container larger than small purses. This is for a matter of safety and we respectfully ask for compliance should a search to take place by our security team. If objects that could potentially cause harm are found, we also reserve the right to inform authorities on site. 

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Email us at and we can help you get a spot to volunteer in the many sections to help out in.


Is this dance just for high schoolers?

Students must be in 9th-12th grade. Alumni & recent graduates are allowed with a purchased ticket and registration.


Will I get a ticket in the mail?

All ticket information has been received via electronic registration. If you are concerned if you don't have a ticket confirmation, email for help.


Is there a price for parking?

Parking is free. 

Is there security at this event?

Yes, professional police officers and other qualified security personnel, along with trained parental and alumni chaperones. 


Is there assigned seating or dinner?

No, but there are areas around the venue where attendees can hang out with their friends and there is also amazing snack food and refreshments for attendees to eat and drink.

Is coat check just for coats?

Not all at! If you want to turn in other items such as shoes, purses and more, you can!

I bought a ticket but I don't know if it was confirmed.

No worries! email us at and we can check for you.

My friend is not homeschooled, can they still come?

Of course! Just have them buy a ticket with the correct info and they'll be set!

I can't go, can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Send both your information and the new ticket holder's information to for transferring tickets.

Can I bring in video equipment? 

Not at this time! We do not wish to make attendees feel uncomfortable if another attendee is videoing others with video equipment without their consent. We appreciate your kindness in this matter.