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Frequently Asked Questions

(Please read Liability in its entirety as rules found in FAQ also apply)


Homecoming Dance tickets will be available for credit/debit card purchases only. A QR code will be provided for entrance to the event. After the online ticket window has passed, tickets will be offered at the door via cash-only purchases.


A limited amount of tickets will be available online for purchase using a credit or debit card. 

You will use the confirmation QR code on your phone for check-in.



Tickets may be available for purchase with cash at the door. We will post the price here and on our Facebook group closer to the date of the dance.


Can I request a song?
Music suggestions can be sent to

(No song requests are accepted at the dance.) 

Do I have to follow the Dress Code?
Yes! All attendees must adhere to the dress code. If an attendee does not follow the dress code, no entrance to the dance will be allowed & no refund will be offered. 


Do I have to wear formal/dress shoes?

Dress code and footwear is a must and many shoe options are available such as Converse, Sperry boat shoes and more! Check the dress code section for more info! If you have something off the dress code or wish to wear something unique or have a question about a theme outfit/costume, send the details and discuss it with us at our email account:

I have a question but it is not listed here?

Contact our email account at!

Is there a dance hall or dancing areas?

The venue features a main dance hall where any and all dancing will take place. Homecoming's main focus is the dance aspect of it, so there will always be a dedicated main area for dancing!

How is the chaperone aspect of homecoming?

Each area of the venue will always feature parent chaperones. If you are a parent interested in chaperoning, email us at with your contact information.

My friend is not homeschooled, can they still come?

Of course! Just have them buy a ticket with the correct info and they'll be set!

What if my friends and I do not like to dance but still want to come?

There are several hang-out areas of the venue for attendees who do not wish to dance featuring the arcade area, games area, and museum areas.

A fellow attendee is causing problems that is disrupting the dance for others, what can I do?

If a chaperone has not already stepped in, please inform a chaperone or security personnel of any and all issues another attendee may be causing.

How early should I line up at the venue entrance?

We recommend half an hour before the doors open! Have your QR codes ready for quick scanning.

Something has come up and I cannot attend the dance. Can I transfer my ticket?

Absolutely! Send us an email of your ticket confirmation email, the name and email of the attendee you are transferring the ticket to, and their emergency contact information! Our email is

I am a parent and want to volunteer! What should I do?

Send us an email with your contact information and we will send you according information regarding volunteering such as a form and more.

What type of outfit do I wear to the dance?

A suit or dress! Check our dress code for more details but even though the main outfit attire is semi-formal, even formal outfits and themed attire is allowed!

Are masks required?

Given venue information, masks are optional. Masks will be available if anyone wants one though and the event space is large enough if anyone wants to distance themselves away from others.

Is this dance just for high schoolers?

Yes, 9th-12th graders only.


Is there a price for parking?

Parking is free. 

Is there security at this event?

Yes, professional police officers and other qualified individuals monitor the venue and each venue area both inside and outside to keep the event organized and each attendee safe from any harm. 

Is there assigned seating or dinner?

No. There are numerous restaurants close to the venue if one chooses to eat beforehand. Snacks and drinks will be available at the venue.

What if I am allergic to peanuts or I can on,y eat gluten free snacks?

Snacks of a various variety are considered and offered for any attendee who may have a food concern.

Is coat check just for coats?

Not all at! If you want to turn in other items such as shoes, bags, and more, you can! (Each item is organized in alphabetical order to ensure everyone is able to get their items quickly if they need them or when the dance is over)

I have to bring a medical bag, is that okay?

A medical bag may be checked into Coat-Check. An area is reserved for organized medical bags if an attendee needs their medical bag quickly. Email details of your bag ahead of time to

Do I really have to turn in all of my items to coat check?

It is also mandatory to turn in all loose items so they are not left unattended in the event space. Jackets, shoes (which might be taken off), purses, ties, etc. There is no guarantee that an item left unattended will be returned. This is a new policy mandated by the venue.

Can I bring in a backpack or a big bag?

Not at this time! We reserve the right to search any container larger than small purses. Additionally, all bags must be clear/see-through. These types of bags can be bought from a number of places or online retailers usually for a cheap price. This is for a matter of safety and we respectfully ask for compliance should a search take place by our security team. If you cannot obtain a clear/see-through bag, we reserve the right to search bags. If objects that could potentially cause harm are found, we also reserve the right to inform authorities on site. 

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