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The Annual Homeschool Homecoming Dance of North Texas is back with a theme based on carnivals, amusement parks, and fun!

Get ready for a night of great memories at the Festival of Flight for this year's homecoming!

Homecoming starts
Saturday, September 14th! 

For 2024, we're back again at the Frontiers of Flight Museum!

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the dance ends at 11:00 pm!


All students must agree to & abide by the dress code and liability.

No admittance to the dance is guranteed if dress code requirements are not met.


Get ready for a fun and fantastic evening of dancing and more!

Click here to buy a ticket!

Check our other pages for more info. Want to send in a song request? Have any questions? Interested in volunteering at the dance? Email us at for any inquiries!


Wristbands will be given out at the entrance dance for use at the popular photo booth! (ticket QR code required)

Phone chargers will be available to use with

charging ports at the coat check area!

The Games Area returns once more!
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